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FREE Imaging

FREE Computer Imaging, see your property before you buy it! Send us a picture of your home and we'll show you what it will look like with pavers and landscaping FREE! Click here for more information!


Get a FREE COMPUTER IMAGE of your home!

KeenKut Landscaping can show you how beautiful your home will look with pavers, retaining walls, and landscaping installed -- all in place before we even go to work.  It’s FREE!  Just send us an e-mail with a picture of your home.  We proudly serve the Pioneer Valley and nearby surrounding areas in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

  You send us this ... 
. . . and we can show
you this!

Take a digital picture of the area on your property that you would like to visualize. You can send 2 or 3 images and we will pick the best one to use. Please write a brief description of what you would like to change on your project. This will help us give you a better rendering, or call us, and tell what you would like to do.

If you prefer, request a FREE in-home consultation and one of our design consultants can do it for you on the spot!

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Upload Photo:

Upload Photo Tips
:. Remove obsticles such as cars & furniture off the area to be paved

:. Supported File types (jpg, jpeg & gif)

:. File size should be less than 2 Megabytes
To ensure the security of your information, we ask that you
type the code (displayed below) in the text box.


Give us a brief description of what you would like to change about your home and what result you are looking for.

Example: “pavers on the driveway with a red border, new lawn, and a few trees.”

(Or) “What can I do for $10,000?”

Here are some examples of good photos to take and samples of what not to do.


Good photo submissions




Bad photo submissions




Tips for taking pictures:

  • Remove obstacles such as cars and patio furniture off the paving area.
  • Avoid getting too much road in the picture.  If you want a driveway image, the end of the driveway should be at the bottom of the image.
  • For a backyard patio, mark on the image (or in the description) where you want the patio to be placed
Image should be between 900 to 2000 pixels wide, and in a JPG format.
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